Wikis Are Great, But. . . .

8 September 2006 at 3:04 pm Leave a comment

| Peter Klein |

Like Mike Giberson, I’m high on wikis. Of course, as with any open-source product wikis have both strengths and weaknesses compared with conventional, more hierarchical production methods. For many applications, though, the wiki model seems to work remarkably well.

But should students write their own textbooks? My former colleague Rick Watson thinks so. Here is the website of his Global Text Project, an attempt to create free, open-source textbooks for students in the developing world. Great tagline: Engaging many for the benefit of many more. (You expect clever verbiage from a guy who came up with the acronym CISL — go on, say it out loud — for his center.) Here is the projects’s blog. Here is a press release. (Via Dorai Thodla)

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“Coase and Simon Got It Right, Alchian and Demsetz Got It Wrong” What’s in a Name? Property Rights, Legal Rights, and Economic Rights

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