The Excuse Doctrine in Contract Law: Country and Western Edition

16 April 2007 at 11:41 pm Leave a comment

| Peter Klein |

Tom Bell entertains his contract law class with a country-and-western song illustrating the excuse doctrine. Tom says he performs the song every year wearing cowboy boots and a bolo tie, then makes the students take a not-so-fun quiz to make sure they got the point. Not at the level of the Glenn Hubbard music video, but still pretty good for a stodgy law professor.

Promises, promises, I made to you,
And you, Darlin’, promised right back at me, too.
But my commitment is over. I’m cuttin’ you loose.
I owe you nothin’! Here’s my excuse:

(refrain 1:)

Mistake, frustration, impratiCAbility:
Thanks to these reasons, I am now are free.
Mistake, frustration, impratiCAbility!
The whole deal is OFF, between you and me.

When we first met, Darlin’, I looked in your eyes,
And saw there a woman both funny and wise,
Someone I could trust not to leave my heart achin’.
The hole in my chest shows that I was mistaken.

(repeat refrain 1)

Kissin’ you, Darlin’, sends a chill down my spine.
In your case, however, that’s not a good sign.
A woman more distant, I never have dated.
I’m leavin’ you, ’cause you leave me frustrated.

(repeat refrain 1)

Now dry your eyes, Darlin’, you’re not all to blame.
Since they threw me in prison, things ain’t been the same.
Walk out of here smilin’; you’re eligible.
My love for you just ain’t practicable.

(refrain 2:)

Mistake, frustration, impratiCAbility:
Thanks to these reasons, you are now are free.
Mistake, frustration, impratiCAbility!
The whole deal is OFF, between you and me.


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