Top Ten Signs Your Airline is Cutting Costs

21 August 2008 at 9:25 am Leave a comment

| Peter Klein |

Having done a fair amount of flying this summer I particularly appreciated this recent Letterman top ten list:

Letterman: Top Ten Signs Your Airline is Cutting Costs (August 5)

10. During flight they hit you with additional $200 “landing charge”
9. It’s day 4 of your honeymoon, and you’re still on the tarmac
8. Plane has a “Hyundai” hood ornament
7. When you arrive, Hawaii looks suspiciously like Detroit
6. Inflatable vest replaced with smaller inflatable bow ties
5. Plane can’t take off until you lose 20 pounds
4. In-flight entertainment: watching two fat guys fight for an armrest
3. Flight attendants wearing clothes you packed
2. The pilot — Andy Dick
1. During the captain’s preflight checklist, you hear him say, “close enough”

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