Elgar Companion

Peter G. Klein and Michael E. Sykuta, eds., The Elgar Companion to Transaction Cost Economics (Aldershot, UK: Edward Elgar, 2010).

This book was published in November 2010.

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“Not too long ago it was possible to be familiar with all of the important works and latest developments in transaction cost economics. That that is no longer the case is a testament to the intellectual appeal and empirical success of the transaction cost approach. For newcomers, the entries in this volume, by some of TCE’s most knowledgeable and eloquent contributors, offer an excellent introduction to the issues, methods, discoveries, and debates in the field; for veterans, the volume provides a highly valuable resource for catching up on the newest research.” — Scott E. Masten, University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

Table of Contents and Sample Draft Chapters


  • Editors’ introduction, by Peter G. Klein and Michael E. Sykuta
  • Transaction cost economics: an overview, by Oliver E. Williamson
  • Transaction cost economics and the new institutional economics, by Peter G. Klein

Precursors and influences

Fundamental concepts


  • Vertical integration, by Peter G. Klein
  • Hybrid organisations, by Claude Ménard
  • Franchising, by Steven C. Michael
  • The structure of franchise contracts, by Emmanuel Raynaud
  • Cooperative organization and collective action, by Michael L. Cook
  • Strategy and transaction costs, by Laura Poppo
  • Labor-market contracting, by Bruce Rayton
  • Antitrust and merger policy, by Joshua D. Wright
  • Financial-market contracting, by Dean R. Williamson

Alternatives and critiques

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