NYU Journal of Law and Liberty

15 August 2006 at 6:11 pm Leave a comment

| Peter Klein |

The NYU Journal of Law and Liberty is a new journal focusing on classical liberal legal scholarship. Volume 1, Number 1 revisits Lochner v. New York, the landmark 1905 case that defended the freedom of contract and became, to its critics, a hated symbol of heartless, dog-eat-dog capitalism. (During the New Deal the word “Lochner” meant about what “Enron” means today.) Volume 1, Number 2 contains an interesting piece by Mario Rizzo, “The Problem of Moral Dirigisme: A New Argument Against Moralistic Legislation,” which opens thusly:

This Article applies a theory of rational choice to moral decision making. In this theory, agents act primarily on local and personal knowledge to instantiate moral principles, virtues, and moral goods. The State may seek to prevent them from acting as they independently determine by prescribing or proscribing certain conduct by formal legal means. If its purpose is to ensure that people act morally or become better persons, we call this “moral dirigisme.” Our thesis is that the need to use decentralized knowledge to determine the moral status of an act makes the task of the moral dirigiste well-nigh impossible.

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