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| Nicolai Foss |

It is hard to believe, but DRUID — the Danish Research Unit of Industrial Dynamics — is now entering its 11th year. As one of the original founder-members of the DRUID, it is just great to observe the continuous improvements that have characterized the DRUID conference series from the rather humble (i.e., amateurish in the true sense of the word) beginnings in 1995. In fact, after last year’s very successful conference, I heard the Director of DRUID, Peter Maskell, worry — rather tongue-in-cheek — that perhaps DRUID is becoming “too Americanized.”

DRUID has never projected a distinct research program, but it has been able to become one of the leading platforms for research in innovation, industrial dynamics, etc. in the World.  Its main activity is simply running two yearly conferences, one in January organized for PhD students and younger faculty, and one in June, much larger in scale and usually with good presenters indeed (e.g., Sid Winter, Steven Klepper, Anita McGahan, Alfonso Gambardella, Richard Nelson etc. etc.). In addition, DRUID maintains a very nicely organized website with lots of downloadable papers.

The full Call for Papers for the 2007 conference (not yet available on the DRUID website) is here:

First call for Papers for the DRUID Summer Conference 2007 on APPROPRIABILITY, PROXIMITY, ROUTINES AND INNOVATION

Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, June 18 at 1 p.m. – June 20 at 5 p.m.

The DRUID Summer Conference 2007 intends to map theoretical, empirical and methodological advances, further contribute with novel insights and stimulate civilized controversies in industrial dynamics.

The conference’s parallel paper sessions will be organized around the following themes:

A: Corporate Innovation, Strategy and Organization
B: Local and Global Search for Knowledge and Solutions
C: Theory and Empirics of the Firm
D: Market Formation and Entrepreneurship
E: Creativity and Organization
F: Inter-firm Interaction: Networks, Projects and Clusters
G: Economic Geography
H: Institutional Patterns, Dynamics and Agency
I: IPR Regimes: Antecedents, Developments and Effects
J: System Approaches to Economic Development, Growth and Innovation

Both senior and junior scholars are invited to participate and contribute with a paper to the conference. In particular, we wish to encourage the active participation of young scholars (Ph.D.-students in their final year and scholars who have finished their Ph.D. within the last five years).

Each participant will only be allowed to present one paper during the conference. Co-authored papers may be presented by any of the participating co-authors.

The conference will also include plenary panel debates where internationally merited scholars take stands on contemporary issues within the overall conference theme.

The motions and videos of the debates that have taken place at previous DRUID Conferences are available through the DRUID website together with copies of all papers presented.

*Paper submission*
Participants who wish to present their research at the conference must upload a full paper (in PDF) not exceeding 10.000 words through the conference website no later than February 28, 2007.

We expect submissions to be original scholarship and the conference as a whole to provide an opportunity to take stock of the field and advance the research frontier of industrial dynamics.

Submission of a paper grants permission to DRUID to include it in the conference material and to place it on the relevant websites. All submissions will be reviewed anonymously by at least two reviewers working independently of each other. The reviewers will consider the novelty, academic quality and the paper’s relation to the theme of the conference. The decision of paper acceptance will be given before April 18, 2006. No review or comments will be offered to the author or authors to supplement the decision. Papers not accepted for oral presentation at the conference may be accepted for presentation in a poster session. DRUID may invite papers accepted for the conference to be included in the DRUID web based Working Paper Series that has become increasingly visible and downloaded (see ranking at:

Authors of accepted papers must register their participation before May 1, 2007. If failing to register in time the paper will automatically be removed from the program. Revised versions of accepted papers may be uploaded until June 1, 2007.

*DRUID Best Paper Awards*
All accepted papers authored or co-authored by doctoral students only are considered for the DRUID Young Scholar Paper Award of USD 1.000 while all papers accepted for the conference are candidates for the DRUID Best Paper Award of USD 2.000. The DRUID Best Papers 2007 will be selected by the Scientific Advisory Committee (see below).

The conference website opens for registration on January 1, 2007.

The full conference costs amount to 4.500 DKK per participant but generous sponsorships gratefully acknowledged have enabled a reduction of the conference fee as follows:

Early Bird Registration through the conference website before May 1, 2007:
· Faculty: 3000 DKK (or approximately 400 EUR or 515 USD)
· Ph.D.students: 2000 DKK (or approximately 268 EUR or 344 USD)
Others: 4000 DKK (or approximately 536 EUR or 688 USD)

The registration fee includes all meals (water/beverages, lunch 3 days, dinner 2 days, and morning and afternoon coffee/tea with fruit or cake etc.) all days. The fee also includes mail delivery of all issues of the 2007 volume of the journal Industry and Innovation.

Registration through the conference website after May 1, 2007:
· Faculty: 4000 DKK (or approximately 536 EUR or 688 USD)
· Ph.D.students: 2500 DKK (or approximately 362 EUR or 425 USD)
Others: 5000 DKK (or approximately 670 EUR or 806 USD)

*Cancellation Policy*
Cancellations received before May 1, 2007: Payments refunded in full
Cancellations received during May 2007: Payments refunded with a 33 % reduction
Cancellations received in June 2007: No refund

*Visa requirements*
Nationals from the European Union and from the following countries can enter Denmark without a visa: Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Uruguay, U.S.A. and Venezuela. Nationals from other countries need to apply for a visa at a local Danish mission or at the mission of some other Schengen countries (Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden). You can download an application form through The time it takes to examine a visa application may vary, so it is recommended that you apply well in advance and before April 1, 2007 at the latest. DRUID will not issue invitations but will provide confirmation of program appearance to authors of accepted papers if needed by the authorities.

Call for papers disseminated October 1, 2006
Conference website opens for registration January 1, 2007
Deadline for full paper submission: February 28, 2007 (Twelve noon, Pacific time (GMT -8)
Decision of paper acceptance: April 18, 2007
Deadline for author registration: May 1, 2007
Deadline for registration at early-bird rates: May 1, 2007 (Twelve noon,Pacific time(GMT -8)
Deadline for revised versions of accepted papers: June 1, 2007
Deadline for conference registration (participants not in the program) June 1, 2007
Final program available: June 1, 2007

*Conference Organizers*
Peter Maskell (Director of DRUID), Keld Laursen and Serden Özcan

*Scientific Advisory Committee*
Bo Carlsson, Jacques DeBandt, Giovanni Dosi, Maryann Feldman, Dominique Foray, Richard N. Langlois, Brian J. Loasby, Jacques Mairesse, Franco Malerba, Anita McGahan, J. Stanley Metcalfe, Richard Nelson, Michael Storper, Sidney Winter and Ulrich Witt

Web site:

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