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30 April 2008 at 9:38 am Leave a comment

| Peter Klein |

As a student of Austrian economics, I hope to inherit not only the clarity of thought, insight, originality, and productive habits of the great Austrians, but also their longevity. Carl Menger, founder of the Austrian school, lived to be 81 (fathering a son, the mathematician Karl Menger, Jr., at age 62). Mises died at 92, having taught his graduate seminar at NYU well into his eighties. Hayek made it to 93. Böhm-Bawerk died relatively young, at 63, though Wieser lived to be 75. I also admire Ronald Coase, still going strong at 97, and Armen Alchian, who turned 94 this month (and is still serving on PhD dissertation committees). So hopefully I have many good years left (unlike some people).

This came to mind when reading Steve Levitt’s account of his attempt to get a referee report out of a former Chicago economist:

[W]hen I asked the octogenarian economist if he could referee a paper for me, here is the response I received:

Much as I would like to do a review of this paper, my schedule looking ahead for as much as a year is just too crowded. Maybe next time!!

I hope when I am in my eighties “too busy” is the reason I am turning things down! 

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