Elgar Catalog Covers Getting Weird

24 May 2008 at 11:57 am Leave a comment

| Peter Klein |

I said before how much I liked the cover of Edward Elgar’s law catalog, which shows two stick figures holding megaphones and shouting at each other. The image on the business and management catalog (below, left) is pretty good too. But I don’t understand the economics catalog (below, middle), which pictures a family standing under an umbrella. Is it about saving for a rainy day? (What would Lord Keynes say?)

Today I get a pamphlet advertising Elgar’s “Economic Approaches to Law Series,” which has excellent edited contributions by Levitt, Posner, Epstein, Ben Klein, and others but an even weirder cover. This one shows the two guys with megaphones shouting at the family under the umbrella! What could they be saying to these poor people? “Consider the liability rule before opening that pointy umbrella in a crowd!” “Do you know your marginal damage cost of wetness?”

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Economists as Public Intellectuals From Rumination to Rumelt via Dobzhansky

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