Reliving the 1980s

12 June 2008 at 12:26 am 2 comments

Peter Klein |

I recently watched the new Rambo film, an entertaining spectacle of blood and gore (for those who enjoy that sort of thing). The last few years have brought back several 1980s-era action heroes after long absences, not only Rambo but also Rocky Balboa, John McClane, the Terminator, and of course Indiana Jones.

We posted a while back on the golden decade of the 1970s, a fantastically productive period for research in organizational economics. How about bringing back the 1980s? Not the mullet, but the great works in organizational economics, strategy, entrepreneurship, and related subjects that appeared in that decade. Here are some of my favorites, listed chronologically. What are yours?

Fama, Eugene. 1980. “Agency Problems and the Theory of the Firm.” Journal of Political Economy 88: 288-307.

Teece, David J. 1980. “Economies of Scope and the Scope of the Enterprise.” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 1: 223-47.

Klein, Benjamin and Keith B. Leffler. 1981. “The Role of Market Forces in Assuring Contractual Performance.” Journal of Political Economy 89: 615-41.

Williamson, Oliver E. 1981. “The Modern Corporation: Origins, Evolution, Attributes.” Journal of Economic Literature 19: 1537-68.

Casson, Mark C. 1982. The Entrepreneur: An Economic Theory. Oxford: Martin Robertson.

Nelson, Richard R. and Sidney G. Winter. 1982. An Evolutionary Theory of Economic Change. Cambridge, MA: The Belknap Press.

Cheung, Stephen S.N. 1983. “The Contractual Nature of the Firm.” Journal of Law and Economics 26: 1-22.

Williamson, Oliver E. 1983. “Credible Commitments: Using Hostages to Support Exchange.” American Economic Review 73: 519–40.

Masten, Scott E. 1984. “The Organization of Production: Evidence from the Aerospace Industry.” Journal of Law and Economics 27: 403-17.

Kirzner, Israel M. 1985. Discovery and the Capitalist Process. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Williamson, Oliver E. 1985. The Economic Institutions of Capitalism. New York: Free Press.

Barney, Jay B. 1986. “Strategic Factor Markets: Expectations, Luck, and Business Strategy.” Management Science 32: 1231-41.

Grossman, Sanford, and Oliver Hart. 1986. “The Costs and Benefits of Ownership: A Theory of Vertical Integration.” Journal of Political Economy 94: 691-719.

Barzel, Yoram. 1987. “The Entrepreneur’s Reward for Self-Policing.” Economic Inquiry 25: 103-16.

Joskow, Paul L. 1987. “Contract Duration and Relationship-Specific Investments: Empirical Evidence from Coal Markets.” American Economic Review 77: 168–85.

Demsetz, Harold. 1988. “The Theory of the Firm Revisited.” Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 4: 141-61.

Milgrom, Paul J. and John D. Roberts. 1988. “An Economic Approach to Influence Activities in Organizations.” American Journal of Sociology 94: S154-79.

Jensen, Michael C. 1989. “Eclipse of the Public Corporation.” Harvard Business Review 67: 61–74.

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Bridging O&M and The Power of Ideas

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  • 1. Joe Mahoney  |  12 June 2008 at 11:10 pm

    Anderson, Erin and David Schmittlein (1984). Integration of the sales force: An empirical examination. Rand Journal of Economics, 15 (Autumn): 385-395.

    Balakrishnan, Srinivasan and Birger Wernerfelt (1986). Technical change, competition and vertical integration. Strategic Management Journal, 7: 347-359.

    Barzel, Yoram (1982). Measurments cost and the organization of markets. Journal of Law and Economics, 25 (April): 27-48.

    Dierickx, Ingemar and Karel Cool (1989). Assest stock accumulation and sustainability of competitive advantage. Management Science, 35 (12): 1504-1511.

    Eisenhardt, Kathleen M. (1985). Control: Organizational and economic approaches. Management Science, 31 (2): 134-149.

    Itami, Hiroyuki and Thomas E. Roehl (1987). MOBILIZING INVISIBLE ASSETS. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

    Kahnemann, David, Paul Slovic and Amos Tversky (1982). JUDGMENT UNDER UNCERTAINTY: HEURISTICS AND BIASES. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    Libecap, Gary D. (1989). CONTRACTING FOR PROPERTY RIGHTS. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    Lippman, Steven and Richard P. Rumelt (1982). Uncertain imitability: An analysis of interfirm differences in efficiency under uncertainty. Bell Journal of Economics, 13: 418-438.

    O’Driscoll, Gerald P. and Mario J. Rizzo (1985). THE ECONOMCS OF TIME AND IGNORANCE. New York, NY: Basil Blackwell.

    Teece, David J. (1982). Towards an economics theory of the multiproduct firm. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 3: 39-63.

    Telser, Lester G. (1980). A theory of self-enforcing agreements. Journal of Business, 53: 27-44.

    Walker, Gordon and David Weber (1984). A transaction cost approach to the make-or-buy decision. Administrative Science Quarterly, 29 (September): 373-391.

    Wernerfelt, Birger (1984). A resource-based view of the firm. Strategic Management Journal, 5: 171-180.

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